Friday, November 13, 2009

building blocks

just got back from the annual conference (work related) in Tokyo
it's my 4th one this year
and it can get quite repetitive

but this time...there was one 3 hrs workshop
where we things with blocks

yupe! you heard me!

but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!
who could have thought that building blocks could last us for 3 hrs!?!

the beautiful piece of work by team HS ABC~
good job guys!

3 comments: said...

had a great time wednesday
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i forgot what else im supposed to help you with....ill think of it and let you know! said...

hiu kei! i remember what else i wanted to tell you. download the podcasts from Epicurious, you can also check to see what other good cooking video podcasts there are ^^

hiukei said...

thanks so much!!!
I just visited yoox...and it's soooooooo tempting!! hahaha!
it's dangerous that you can shop at home by just clicking the mouse...