Wednesday, December 30, 2009

back to short

i tried...
i really did.

i do get jealous when i see the models on the magazines having long pretty wavy curly hair
i like those big 'bun' tide on the head

but when my hair is touching my shoudlers
it's really getting on my nerve!!

i made the call
appointment set
time for a haircut

' do you it being cut? any style in mind?'
'SHORT...ok...not tooooooooo short...but short.....please'

after 68 mins of scissors work

i like it~
but after i had my shower
my hair turned into a 'chibi maruko' style...HAHAHAHA!!!
oh well
we'll see how it will turn out after i wake up tomorrow.

before shower

after shower


Lucia said...

Aha! those two hairstyles show very DIFFERENT sides of u, foxy-piki.

while i may be a Chibi-Maruko-Chan fan, i vote for the first!

hiukei said...

haha!! foxy?? i doubt if that's the right word...
i look exactly the same as i was in grade 4...haha!!