Saturday, December 5, 2009

cold&rainy saturday afternoon is...

a perfect time for B.a.k.i.n.g!!

since i didn't want to step out of my apartment
i just used whatever i could find in my kitchen
turned on the oven
mixing...and more some creativity
(yes...i don't measure...well, everything was ..about?!?)

my house is wam and it smells GOOOOOOOOOOD

here are my babies...
allow me to introduce them to you one by one

1. oatmeal whole wheat yogurt muffin

2. oatmeal whole wheat yogurt muffin plus avocado
hey! surprising pretty good!

3.macha 'green tea' muffin
hmm...not as exciting as i thought
revise needed

4. black sesame muffin
this fellow turned out D E L I O U S!!!

5. macha/black sesame marble muffin
basically just leftover from 3 and 4

6. oatmeal/apple maple cookies
i made it before following the recipe loyally...
but this time, i didn't have walnuts or chocolate chips or raisin
so i just chopped some apples and mixed it with the dough
more arrangments to come!

7. whole wheat soy milk scone
i think i didn't put enough soy was just a little too dry
i guess i can call it a whoe wheat soy milk cookie

8. apple cinnamon oatmeal scone
learned from my mistake (from 7) added more soy milk
just perfect!!
gotta clean my kitchen now...


Lucia said...

you.... are a crazy/amazing cook. proud of ya!1

hiukei said...

can you give me your dad's yummy cookie recipe??