Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010 is good

it has been a good month
a really good one actually

despite the gross and sticky rainy season here in japan
everything is great

why June 2010 is great list:
-world cup
-my high school friend (the first friend i made in montreal) is engaged
-my god sister got married
-my cousin gave birth (Hello Zach, can't wait to see you!!)
-my university friend is engaged
-my lovely Gali became a mother (Hello Raah!!)
-found an amazing secret spot for fireflies watching
-finished my paper on time (goodbye procrastination!!)
-like my new haircut (you have to admit...sometimes, the hairdresser just doesn't understand what you want)
-love from Africa

july should be more exciting
-world cup final matches
-toy story 3!!!! (ok...what can beat that?!?)
-more news of baby...marriage...who knows?!?


Raven said...

im sooo looking forward to toy story 3.. i think im gonna cry so bad :P

hiukei said...

i am planning to rewatch 1 and 2 before seeing the 3

its.me.melissa said...

any more news from hiu kei in 2010?
(oh, did you see i wrote my address in a previous post?)