Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not again?!?

i am not a political critics
so forgive me if i say anything irrelevant or inapproriate
this is, afterall, just my personal rant

ok...even if you are not living in Japan
i guess you have heard from the news that the current prime minister in Japan has resgined

yes, again
let see... a new one every year?

being prime minister is like a game?
a joke?

i thought they fought for the role
the moving speeches, the promises, the passion(?)
where have they gone?

'taking the responsiblity...'
'people are no longer willing to hear my words...'
that's the reason for resigning?

when they want to play the game
they stay
and when it's not going their way
they quit?!?

how are we going to teach the next generation the meaning of taking responsiblity?
tell me.

the resignation speech was so far the most well-spoken speech
how ironic is that?

my rant can go on forever
but i will stop
cos i will just become extremely bitter

they all got the easy way out
what shoud we, those who are directly effected by their little game, do?


Anonymous said...

How many Prime Ministers changed since you came to Japan?

hiukei said...

hello 旅行:
the current now is the 5th one.
btw, mayb I ask who are you? :)