Thursday, September 9, 2010

i am a student

since April
i started my grad program

i hate to say this cos it will sound like i am bragging
but since ppl have been asking...
so...i will just say it once
i am in a phd program
yes, i will become a 'doctor'
that all depends on if i can hand in my thesis 3 years from now

ok with that being said...
i just want to say
i love being a student
learning something you are passionated about
there is nothing better

each meeting with my prof is a self realization of how little i know
i think i am becoming a fan of my prof
this might sound really strange
but i kinda understand how young grad students fall in love with their prof who are like their dad's age
don't worry
i am not going to put myself into something exotic and complicate...haha!

each meeting with the parents is another realization of how LOVING parents are
i am trully touched by each of them
they are all angels to me
i am learning to much from them
it's frightening though
because i don't know if i can be as good as mothers when i become one

each meeting with the kids is another self confirmation of how much i love working with kids
they are just precious little beings from God
they are all different and they are all little darlings

there are more benefits to being a student too
student discount
research trip (domestic and oversea)
meeting lots and lots of really smart people
feeling young...hehe :) (this is a big one!)

i shall save this post as a self encouragment when i start screaming and crying with my thesis in the future

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