Tuesday, February 13, 2007

long time no bake!

it's good to have a day off once in a while

finally got to try out the microwave oven for the first time!!!

went to shop for ingredients for chocolate chips cookies

realized that japan is not a baking friendly country

or...at least my town is not

they don't even sell chocolate chips!!!

i ended up buying chocolate bars and chopped them up..


my house now smells like hot chocolate


i am happy


Lucia said...

mmm... that makes the two of us! wouldn't mind the hot chocolate smell at my place either. i didn't end up baking... no cake mold at home. gotta go "baking" shopping soon. =D 今日、嬉しいね!! 鍋・焼肉君が何か言ったら、私にすぐ電話してね!!

hiukei said...

hehe!! what a day for you!! haha!!
yea..yea..i will!! dun you worry!