Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my boom!

マイ ブーム (my boom)
in japanese,
it's a term to refer to what you are addicted recently
in terms of habit, fashion...etc..

anyways, my recent "boom" is

i now spend about at least 20 mins to 45 mins stretching before i sleep
it's a really relaxing period for me
i sleep better too
(well, i am generally a pretty good sleeper...)
my body is pretty non flexible
i can't even touch my toes (you know, when you stand straight and try to reach your toes with your fingers...yupe, i can't do that)
so...my goal for now is to at least reach my toes
not forcefuly but like naturally


all i want is a body that is a little more flexible

here is a pix of me stretching with my friend Megumi

(yupe! i was screaming in pain...)

unlike me

she already has a pretty flexible body

her goal?

to do the post that figure skater does when spinning (holding one of your leg with your hand...like swing your leg up backward and use your hand to hold it like above your head...know what i am talking about?)

i don't know what it calls (i am pretty sure there is a technical term for it)

i can't wait to she her goal being achieved!!

i will have my camera ready for that moment!


vespertine said...

hey hiukei!
just wanted to drop you a line on your new blog...you make me want to try stretching before I sleep too! Teehee...take care, and I'll see you in the online world=)

Stan said...

You look very inflexible compare to Megumi... p(^^)