Thursday, December 13, 2007

christmas x 5

starting from yesterday
i admire teacher in a new perspective
especially elementary school teahcers

i teach in japan...
that's not the main part of my job
but i do teach english to grade 1 and grade 2students once or twice (or thrice) a month
and it's usually just one hour each
which is totally perfect and FUN
i love it!
my thoart gets a little dry after the 2hrs
it simply recovers with a cup of nice hot tea

i went this elementary school that i usually don't go
the teacher asked me to talk about Christmas for grade 1,3,4,5,6 in a row!!
very tiring but fun times!
it went well and i think the kids enjoyed it
my thoart got a little drier than usual
but i thought 2 cups of tea will do

at night...
my thoart was no longer just dry but hurt!
ok...drink lots of water...go to bed early
that's what i did hoping that everything will go back to normal

i woke up this morning

my thoart HURTS!!!!
swallowing saliva seems like swallowing down hundreds of needles
i don't want to get sick!!!
i still have the grade 2 this afternoon (the grade who i didn't get to go yesterday)
i have 7 more Christmas (presentations plus party) and the real Christmas waiting for me
i can't get sick

but my voice is not coming....

i sound so gentle today...haha! but that's not what i need
i have been so quiet this morning in my office
saving for the grade 2 who i will meet in 20 mins

elementary school teachers: how can you teach everyday 6 periods in a row without hurting your thoart? teach me!


raven said...

well well teaching 5 classes in a row doesnt = you will get sick for sure!!!! XD

hiukei said...

haha...i know...probably just too tired...but my thoart hurt so much after it...that's for sure..hehe