Monday, December 17, 2007


i need to rest

work is fun
and i love it
but i hate not being 100% when i am at work

driving is fun
and i love it
but it's extremely dangerous when i am not being 100%

eating is fun
and i love it
but even the most delicious 'Mont Blanc'(my fav cake) tastes like a piece of plastic when i am not 100% there

i need to recover from my cold
i need to rest

other than that
i am doing things that i love everyday!!

1 comment:

金城豆 said...

oh... believe me. it will NOT taste like plastic when you come visit me! get out your genki pills cause we're going to ROCK Fukuoka!
First stop - recap on 'love at first sight' in Starbucks @Tenjin
Second stop - recap on our UBER humiliating incident in UNIQLO, men's section.
'whoop! your fly's open!'
(laughing like crazy, snort, snort.)

Ooooh yeah.
we'll have ourselves a merry little Christmas.
see ya in 4 days. Can't wait! don't get sick!