Monday, December 3, 2007

Japanese Proficency Exam

Yesterday, I went for the Japanese Proficency Exam
It's my 2nd try...
hopefully i will pass this time...
but my confidence level is....50%...??
i am pretty sure i got 60 % or above for each part
but in order to pass..i have to get 70% above...
that...i am not sure...><
oh well, it's over
if i don't pass, i will try again next year!

other than that, life is good as usual over here in my little town in japan
it's getting chilly but it's nice when we get Indian summer once in a while
my english classes and chinese class are all coming to an end..
it's kinda sad not be able to see my adult students for 4 months...
but on the other hand
i am glad that i will be able to have a break from the evening classes and recharge myself and return with more fresh and exciting teaching ideas
give me any idea by any means!

Christmas...oh Christmas...
guess where i will be this Christmas?
Fukuoka visiting my Luku! haha!
i am excited to able to see her and go to the south...well, it's not that much down south but i think it's warmer there.
i will be spending my New Year back in my little town
to have some quiet time,
to reflect
then restart

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monica said...

Hey Hiukei! I haven't commented/spoken to you in forever... wow, you're still in Japan! For how long?? Hope you passed your exam-- that's amazing that you're going to be fluent in Japanese!