Friday, January 11, 2008


Yukichi Fukuzawa (a japanese writer, translator, author, teacher, entrepreneur and political theorist in Meji period)
his picture is printed on japanese 10 thousand yen bill

so why am i talking about him?
well, he has the same birthday as me!
it's the joy of my day to realize that i has the same birthday as someone who is famous and powerful and so intelligent.

i don't know if i will be as influential as him...(probably not)
and i don't dream about having my face printed on the 10000yen bill or the $100CAN bill
but i pray that i won't fail the plan that God has for me

being 25
i am young (pea, you heard me!HA!)

110 is also the emergency number in japan
so, guys...feel free to call!
me, not the emergency line

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Ah, spicy-chick! you know I'm catching up on the age race anyway, just a month behind ya!
in the meantime..... ENJOY YOUR 25th BIRTHDAY!! with lotsa 鍋料理ね!!
I wish I could be there and light up the 仙女棒,dive into the cake, and motor-laugh like there's nothing funnier than NACHOOOOO while singing MOCKINGBIRD.
Can't be there to celebrate but my FORCE is definitely with u!