Thursday, January 24, 2008

a poem about season

this is a poem written by a grade9 boy
it's in japanese but i will translated it into English

(i can't remember the orginal version of the poem completely but it was something like that)

summer is too hot
winter is too cold
fall is too cool
spring is just right~

when the japanese teacher and i read it, we couldn't help but cracked up so badly!!
both our reaction was " あたりまえじゃん~!(DUH!!!)"

a poem coming from a 15 years old boy
gosh...i don't know if you find it funny or not but it made my day!

there are other great ones too, here are the titles:
-the sign of youth: ACNE
-the sound of fried chicken

and i forgot...
i will ask the japanese teacher for a copy next time


cindy said...

Hahahaha!!!! it's sooo cute~ I would love to read the other ones!
and most important of all(well, for me)...i understand this poem! happy^______^

hiukei said...

haha!! good!!'s very encouraging to understand something outside of your you can apply your japanese know? hehe!
so...that means either your japanese skill is already like a grade 9 or the grade 9 is at a really ?? level? hehe!

Lydia said...

hahaa i love that!!!