Monday, January 21, 2008

learning japanese

trying to improve my japanese at work by lyrics

and i have found some nice lyrics through my studies..

part of a song by Mr. Children (yes, they appeared on my blog quite often...)

HERO by Kazutoshi Sakurai

「だいそれた 気持ちはない
 でも ヒーローになりたい
 ただ一人 君にとっての
 つまずいたり 転んだりするようなら

not a reckless thought
but i want to be a hero
a hero to you only
if you stumble or if you fall
tenderly, i will reach out to you

i don't need no superman
just as the lyrics
when you have someone who is willing to extend a helping hand when you need
you are fortunate
because you have a hero
a personal hero

i hope
i can be a hero too

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