Friday, May 23, 2008

spring fever

i was proud that i didn't come close to catching a cold throughout the winter.

but thanks to my collegues (haha!) i finally caught a cold yesterday.

my thoart was acting funny on wednesday night
and my thursday morning i lost my voice
after my cooking class
my body just couldn't sustain anymore
my supervisor told me to go home and rest
and so i did.

but my head was so heavy...
i couldn't really fall a sleep and i wasn't awake either
but i guess my body is glad for it can just sit there and do nothing...
so i was in my futon...half falling asleep
and this morning i woke up feeling fine!!
my fever was gone
and now i am back to work!!
it's only half day today!!YEAH!

一年前の今日 「うん・・・」の返事したから 始まった。

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