Thursday, May 28, 2009


after the 'exotic'(hehe) Kinky Boots
i picked up 'Young @ Heart'
a documentary featuring a choir with members who are over the age of 70

it's a really heart-warming film
i absolutely love it
i watched the movie with my granny which made it a little more magical~☆

there are many favorite scenes
but the one that stroke me the most was where 2 members practicing 'Fix You' by Coldplay (one of my favs of Coldplay btw)

side note:
i love kids
but after working in Kawakita
i am totally falling in love with the elderly also(don't take it the wrong way please...hehe)
they fascinate me everytime i am with them

in that little, fragile body
holds so much treasure, knowledge, wonders and surprises


Beth said...

thanks for the movie recommendations - both look so good! and I also have a soft spot for old people. so adorable, so fragile, so full of stories we can't imagine!

hiukei said...

thanks! give it a shoot~

i know!!!i became really close with this granny in my town...she just lived like 5 mins away from i bascially hang out with her almost...everynight..haha!