Friday, May 29, 2009

i love ishikawa vol.1

why i love ishikawa?
there are just so many beautiful hidden treasures in this area
and one of them is cafe

just walk around
turn at a random corner
a nice cafe can be found

today i had a couple nice new discoveries:

bento shop (take-out lunch box)
i actually did some research and made an order the day before going

here is what i came out with

the bag has a stamp on it む 'mu'--the initial of the shop's name
how cute!
and the staple is in pink!!

what's in the box??

dessert included?!?! WOW!! lovely! (it's a whole wheat lemon scone...yummy~)

found a nice spot with shades along the river
oh...i am hungry!!

as if i am not satsified with the delicious scone...
i got myself a nice japanese sweet me greedy~
aren't those balls on the top adorable?

i found an interesting gallery/cafe when i was taking a walk after lunch
too bad it was closed...but i will definitely come back

and...what i found after more walking is another nice that is opened!!
let's go in~ (i was craving for caffine)

white and blue tiles floor...wooden tables and wooden chairs with red cushions
notice the little details: there is a dialing phone hanging on the wall...and a time-card slot!! how cool!!

cheese cake with a hint of maple syrup....hmmmmmmmmmmm!

and here comes my coffee!!!
smelling gooooooooooooooda!
wait!! what's that on the side??

oh!!! sugar cookies!!
aren't they just ADORABLE?!?

that's why i love where i live~
more to come!!

lunch box shop: ムシャリラ・ムシャリロ(musyarira.musyariro)
cafe: Parlour KOFUKU

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