Friday, May 8, 2009


it has been a while before my last DVD
took a bike ride to the DVD rental shop
and came home with 'ONCE'

it's a beautiful movie
with lovely music

i love how the movie minimize the verbal dialogue between the characters
but it's filled with rich emotions and feelings

one thing i really appreciate about this film is that there is no unnecessary sexual's something you can't find now...

p.s. i want to visit Dublin someday
p.s. i am you can tell..i am just really bad at writing movie reviews


Anonymous said...
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raray said...

i was attracted by that dvd in tsutaya the other day when i was renting another movie! lemme watch it next time~

p.s. its scene(s) not scence ;P

hiukei said...

thanks!! haha!!

hanying said...

I have this dvd!!
It's beautiful, but it makes me feel really sad after watching it...
i think the way the movie ended was just righ, but it still makes me sad. :'(

hiukei said...

it's sad...but it's the best ending. i wouldn't enjoy the movie as much if they ended up together. i am just glad the girl didn't go find him before he left for london...hehe

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