Sunday, April 18, 2010

speak my mind

maybe i have been feeling tired lately
maybe too many things are going on lately

vulnerbility is ever vivider
the desire of having a good friend who i can speak my mind out is ever deeper

distance and relationship (both romance/friendship)
the 2 are never a good combination

not able to be there when someone needs you
not having someone beside when you need

i should stop before i get too emotional

a shower and a good sleep
i will be fine



btw, don't worry
i am well
i guess all i want is a coffee, a cake, a good laugh, some mindless chats with some stupid jokes

2 comments: said...

hiu kei, are you in osaka? i forgot where youre program was. poor you! be strong!!

hiukei said...

hey melli,
nono..i am still in kanazawa~
just a little bit overwhelmed with school and work at the same time..hehe!
i am good~ thanks so much!!
i will be strong!!