Thursday, April 22, 2010

on being forgetful

it has been 10 days
life with work and school

i love being a student again~
you feel special...and young? hehe!

one of the thing i enjoy is the communtation
driving is seriously one of the best thing on earth
a special time where i found the most relaxing
exploring new path and getting lost is always adventurous

recently instead of CD
i have my radio on
you can always pick up little insight from the radio

and this is what i picked up yesterday
the host was reading comment on aging and being forgetful

"年を取って、物忘れやすくなったけど でも、物忘れやすいのはいいことですね~
笑い番組を何回見ても 面白いと思うし、好きな映画を何回見ても 初めてな感じするから。
物忘れやすいのおかげで、いつも「初めて」を感じれるから いつもワクワクしています。初って特別だからさ。。。物忘れやすいっていいね~"

"As I am getting older, I become more forgetful. But forgetful is such a wonderful thing!!
No matter how many time I watch the same comedy show, I find it funny every time.
It always feels like the first time when i watch my favorite movie.
Thanks to 'forgetful', it's always thrilling because everything always feels like the first time.
I mean...'first' is special, right? I love being forgetful~"

I need to remember this
forgetful is a wonderful thing...

oups! what's that again?

this is an attitude i want to have


Raven said...

i had the car radio on all the time in the last few months in KZ cos the car had no CD player.. lol and I think I know which station/DJ it is that you are talking about.. haha i always drove at that time of the day

hiukei said...

haha~ you do?
well, there is one listenable station here..haha