Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's 「To do」 list...

- to clean my house
- to do my laundry
- to feed my car some gasoline
- to go to the bank and pay some bills
- to go grocery shopping
- to review (school works)
- to write 2 short reports
- to buy a birthday present for a friend
- to get a new pair of glasses
- to cook
- to call a friend (Bonnie, when is good for you?)

hopefully... somewhere in between i can squeeze in some of the followings:
- to get a good cup of coffee
- to sit down
- to read (not textbook)
- to take a walk
- to take a nap
- to be quiet
- to be alone

as for now
is time for me to go play with the kids in the kindergarden!!
this maybe the best thing of the day~
if only the weather can get warmer...

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