Monday, April 2, 2012

count down: Day Eight

today is my beauty day

being a bride to be is not easy
well, i guess it all depends on you
you can make it extremely complicated and difficult
or you can make it easy and care-free

i am definitely in the later group
i try my best to minimize things
don't want to create more works for myself...

but i am definitely not giving up the chance for bridal facial/spa
it is a bit costly
but which girl would want to give up the chance to relax and to be pretty?!?
and which girl doesn't want to look the best at her own wedding?

a good 90 mins of quality relaxation (thank you T!! you are amazing!)
i definitely felt a bit guilty that hiro is running around at work while i was laying on the bed getting a massage
maybe i should ask if they have a groom version of it too

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