Thursday, April 5, 2012

count down: Day Eleven

a little treat
a little get away
i needed it
but i think hiro needs it more than i do

hiukei, take a deep breath
HE is in control
HE has the master plan
my heavenly Father knows what HE is doing

too bad my honeymoon doesn't involve stopping by France for some delicious sweets
but i am pretty sure Italy won't disappoint me

1 comment:

its-me-melissa said...

wow! soon I'll be welcoming you to the "married club' and i'll say nothing is ever easy! but the best thing is you will always have someone there to witness the good the bad and the ugly with you.
please enjoy your wedding and dont be too stressed hiu kei!!!
Italy!! you'll love it!! the food is great there, i think better than france.