Tuesday, April 3, 2012

count down: Day Nine

i cheated
i got lazy
blogging on Day 10 about Day 9

well, don't we all have our lazy day once in a while (or twice? thrice?)?
mine was yesterday

had a slow and relaxing morning
spoiled myself at ★bucks with a nice cup of soy chai tea latte
the idea was to read at least one journal article
but i ended up with a novel in my hand

after the chai
i just strolled around shops
and went to the gym later in the evening

at night, i had a nice long chat with my former supervisor who is more like my mom in japan now

i wonder if i still get to be so care-free after i get married
maybe i will need to be home by a certain hour
maybe i will need to restrain myself from spontaneous activities
maybe i will need to....

instead of of making a list
i am just going to enjoy my single life to its fullness
only 22 days left!!!

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