Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bamboo shoot

in canada
i don't think ppl eat bamboo shoot...
i wonder if they even know what it is
in asian dishes
you can find bamboo shoot quite often
however, the bamboo shoot i used to eat before is often from can or preserved

you just have to love the country side in japan
it's the bamboo shoot harvest season now
and apparently you can use go to the mountain where the bamboo shoots are
and you can find tons and tons and tons of fresh bamboo shoots
obviously you can't just go and pick the bamboo shoots
because that equals to stealing
they actually have owners

one more good thing about living in the country side is that
people are super super kind
which means i get a lot of free bamboo shoots
some families gave me the fresh bamboo shoots as a whole
some families actually made it into delicious dishes before giving them to me

i am just a fortunate Canadian living in Japan!!
i will post pictures of the bamboo shoots in my next post

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金太郎 said...

まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww
「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」