Friday, May 16, 2008


'my parents are buried alive somewhere....
i have lost my parents!!! i can't even find their bodies....
what should i do??........'

today as i causally turned on the TV
a young chinese girl with her baby brother sitting next to her was wailing as she spoke

my heart sank
and i turned off the TV

it's scary to turn on the news channel or read the newspaper these days

with the flood and aid delivery problem in Burma
and the horrifying earthquake in Sichun
the death toll just never seems to stop

it's really heart saddening to see those desperated faces

sometimes, i just watched it with denial and with an attitude of watching a movie
but deep down, i know that it's all truly happening in the country just beside where i am now

i can't do anything.
what can i do...

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HY said...

i feel the same... with the news broadcasting 24/7 here, I can't help myself but quickly skip through those news channels. It's heart breaking.

Btw, I'm beside you now! Well, South of you :)