Thursday, January 8, 2009

list of things i want to get during sales...which is now..

1. DSLR... Nikkon?? Canon?? hmm....any suggestion??
2. SHOES...i always want shoes..i have a thing for shoes...too bad my feet are too big, otherwise i probably can't stop buying shoes
3. BAG... i have been looking for a soft leather, caramel brown shoulder bag for like 2 years...
i really really like the one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (i can't a photo of it anymore..) but it's way TOOOOOOOOOOO expensive
4. WALLET... hmm...haven't found one that has my name written all over it
5. a PARTY DRESS... just because
6. NEW PAIR OF GLASSES ... just because

that's all for now...
none of the thing listed above is NEED though...they are more just WANT

what i really NEED is a hair hair looks horrible
i am actually getting it cut tomrrow!! YEAH!


hanying said...

My dad has a Nikon DSLR, and eventhough it's an old model, I love it! He has been talking about the Nikon D300 for a while now, but DSLRs are just so expensive! I wonder how much they sell them in Japan? I'm wishing my dad will replace his camera soon so the old DSLR can be passed onto me! I'm sure going to fight my brother for it, haha :)

btw, remember to show me pictures of your new haircut!

hiukei said... have to go to the store and check them out...'s expensive here too..><
haha...maybe i will join you and your brother in the DSLR fight..hahaha!!

Adelina catpaw said...

Hi, know who I am? I viewed your blog and like your haircut very much. When is your exam date? Kim and I want to have a trip to Japan this year. Can you join too? When will you be free after your exam? We just finish our trip to North Africa, very exciting and tiring. We have to care for our body for recuperation in Jan.

Adelina Catpaw said...

If you buy camera, buy Canon G10. I used a G9 now in the trip, G10 is the newest model with a wide angle len built in, and the LCD is much better.