Thursday, January 15, 2009

i feel the chill

it has been snowing everyday since my birthday

the whiteness is beautiful
not so the coldness

now i kinda regret having such a short hair cut
cos i can totally feel the chill on the back of my neck

hair cut 2009.01.09


Anonymous said...

你後面的鬚鬚是故意的嗎? ^^


hiukei said...

haha...i don't know...
you know...我是巻毛的ma!!(笑)

raven said...


hiukei said...


adelina catpaw said...

I left some comments at your earlier blog in Jan 9th. check it.

adelina catpaw said...

I am too old to set up a blog, and i want my privacy. you may reply me through my email. Regarding the trip to Japan, we are very serious and we can sponsor you the whole thing!