Friday, January 30, 2009

last day of january

here is a sum up of my january with photos:

let start with my birthday cakes~


the people in my town threw me a birthday party!!! so much fun!! so many blessings!
thank you so much!

and as usual...on the day of my SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!

the stillness of snow at night (park right behind my apartment) snowman of 2009

as usual...i am always surrounded with LOVELY kids!!! aren't they just COOOOOOL!! hehe! of the biggest update in january is that i became really close with a granny in my town
she lives like 2 mins drive from where i am.
at the end of the year...she invited me over and made tradition japanese rice cake together from scratch!!
and since she knows i LOVE her takoyaki (squid ball) she invited me over 2 weeks ago and we had a takoyaki home party~

here it is!!! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is my granny!! her house is filled with amazing treasure
and one of them is beautiful beautiful kimono
her kimonos are all over 30 years ago!!
but they are absolutely well kept
the most amazing thing is that the patterns on her kimonos are impossible to find in nowdays~
she let me try on her favorite one (above: dark purple with white crane)

this one is my fav!! it's just classic and simple!

that's all about my january~


hanying said...

You look so pretty in that kimono!
but what got my attension is...
the takoyaki of course!

Any chance you can make some for me the next time you come visit!? Haha

Beth said...

hiukei, you look sooo lovely! those kimonos are amazing.

and your cakes look delicious. maybe i should come to japan to celebrate my birthday sometime!!

hiukei said...

thanks!! haha!! they are yummy!!
maybe you should come over for some!

definitely come!! we can celebrate birthdays together with delicious kimono!!