Monday, February 16, 2009

valentine in japan

looking at photos from friends' blogs, facebook
i wish valentine's day in Japan is celebrated as canada or HK
in another word 'the CORRECT way' do ppl celebrate in japan? you may wonder...

well, basically
it's a day for males to recieve chocolates from females

it can be 'giri choco'---females give chocolates to guy as a 'duty'
usually just to co-workers

then there is 'tomo choco'---females give chocolates to their friends

last but not least: 'honme choco'---females give chocolate to their true love

it's also a day for girl to confess her love to the boy she has feelings for.

it may sound crazy to some of you...
but that's the way japan is...

after living here for 2 years
i forgot about how Valentine's day trully is until i saw the photos of my friends recieving bouquets and presents...

the ironic part about Valentine's Day in Japan this year is that
they are promoting 'gyaku choco' aka 'reverse choco' this year
where guys give chocolates to the girls they love

reverse??'s all probabaly just some business strategies from the chocolate manufatures.

well, i guess White Day makes it up...
can't wait till March 14th~ hehe!!

despite wishing for a 'non-japanese' style Valentine
i had so much fun preparing Valentine sweets~


Monica said...

I've heard about this! Very interesting! Can't believe you're still in Japan- it's been a while!

hiukei said...

hey monica!!
yes..i am still in the land of the rising sun..hehe