Saturday, February 14, 2009

snowman festival

this is a small local festival in a small district called Shinamine with about a population of 1100

this festival only held once a year for one evening only

each household is responsible to make snowmans according to the number of own household including pets (dogs, cats)

so there are about 1100 or more big and small snowmans!!!

as a montrealer, i wasn't all exctied about seeing snowmans...
but to my surprise...Japanese snowmans are way cuter than the ones in montreal!!!!

the festival wasn't just filled with snowmans but also lots of foodstands with yummy traditional japanese dishes!!!!!!!!!

i was satisfied!!! haha


my new friend from India...Rashmi~!!
i had so much fun with you!! thanks!

it's asking for a name!! any good idea of name for this lovely camel?

stuffed with potato...

potato eyes....potato mouth...haha


Beth said...

i love the little lights inside them all!

raven said...

so you went this year?
i went to the one last year

i heard from ms kuriyama (hometown in shiramine) that this year its like raining instead of snowing and the snowmen are melting away, some without eyes etc..

so sad about global warming! maybe in the future they need to make the fest earlier.