Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a little bit of art works

i joined this "E Tegami 絵手紙" workshop in my town...
i thought it was an one time thing when i first went...but they actually meet up twice every i somehow was signed up for this workshop.

it's really fun!! i rarely have time now to sit down quietly and draw...
well, i am not that artistic to begin with anyway
but this type of art is very simple and easy to look pretty...hehe! which is perfect for me!

the past tuesday was my fourth time there.
it's interesting to chat with a bunch of elderly ladies and draw at the same time.

this is the summer english school i organized for the kids
they are all about 6 or 7
so much fun playing and teaching them!!

this is a little 'art work' we made with our palms...hehe!

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Lucia said...

Piki Dear! I'm waiting for my flight... leaving in 30 minutes. got 13 hours of flight to Taipei and then 2 more from there to FUKUOKA!
home... sweet.... home.... かな?