Tuesday, August 7, 2007

one year

it has been a year
a year full of grace and joy
far more than i can ever imagine

i remember arriving thinking 'GOSH! where i am? it's all rice peddles here!!'
to now
not only i LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE the freshness of the rice peddles
i can drive in the small little streets with tons of small little curves at night with no street lights
(you probably wonder when i mentioned that...but most of my friends from overseas were amazed...or in awe when they got here...haha!! japan country side roads have brought my driving skill into a different level!!YEAH!!)

i really like Japan
i never thought i would like it so much that i would want to stay here forever
but i do now

when you ask me what do i like about Japan
i can give you lots of answers
'the people' 'the culture' 'the language' 'the environment' 'the excitment'...etc
but if you dig down...
my answer is simply
'i don't really know...i just have a passion for this country'
it's strange...it's personal...it's biased...it's extreme?...
whatever you call it

this year has passed by way too fast
way too fast for me to digest, reflect and savor every single moments

2 things i have reconfirmed with myself:
1. i trully love Japan
2. i trully LOVE working with children

and 4 things i need to continue to learn
1. learn to be a humble servant
2. learn to be patient and loving (genuine love)
3. learn to listen
4. learn to pray and wait
(i think both 3 and 4 are related to patient...anyways...)

all in all
i will be in Japan for another year...or 2 if God allows..hehe!
i love visitors!!! so..feel free to come visit me!

ps. for my male friends...if you come...please bring at least one or more female friends with you...i would like to host you but it's kinda awkward for me to just stay with a guy alone in my apartment...hehe!!


raven said...

truly not trully!!!

and first row not first role!!!


raven said...

continue not countinue
patient not patience..

i think u are just sleepy or something..
so nevermind.. lol sorry i have a bad habit in correcting people's spellings!!

hiukei said...

thanks!! nono!! it's good...
i am so weak in spelling and i am always too lazy to do spellcheck...haha