Thursday, August 30, 2007

thunder and lightning

ok... i know everyone has experienced thunder and lightning
but the one i am talking about is something that i have never seen in Canada before
the geographic location of where i live in Japan now apparently has POWERFUL thunder and lightning
i have to TOTALLY agree with that

i personally LOVE thunder and lightning
i thought they are so beautiful and majestic
not until i saw the ones on last wednesday and 2 days ago

the thunders were so loud i thought the sky broke in half...literally
they sounded like the sky is opening up for something to descend from heaven
the lightnings were so low and bright that night seemed like morning

i honestly was scared...
i felt like the frequency of the thunder will break my apartment into pieces
and the lightning will just burn the rice peddles around me

there were no serious damage
except the power in my office went out and i had to work in a very romantic atmosphere for just half the day


Lucia said...

Aaaaah! Scary stuff!... glad you're safe and sound. And, like I said, I will certainly bring the SUNSHINE with me when I visit!

Waiiiiit for me, NACHOOOO!

raven said...

hiukei its lightning not lighting!!! LOL

yeah yeah ishikawa is famous for thunder and lightning~~~ all year round

raven said...

when i was on the plane to HK, i saw thru the plane camera that all the clouds in front of us were BEAMING.... so much lightning was happening there! it was quite scary.