Monday, September 7, 2009


i started to like and enjoy cooking a lot for the past 2 years
here are some of the pix of food i had made...
i should keep a better record...
food journal...maybe?!?

#1: mexican style Doria aka rice casserole (in mexican style)
since it's mexican, i replaced white sauce with chilli tomato meat sauce
top with lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber, and cheese crisps (melted cheese on fry pan)

#2: chicken wings (soy sauce and garlic)

#3: spinch curry with 1/2brown 1/2 white rice

#4: chicken (mixed with mushroom, lotus root, scallops, green onions) stuffed 'fat cucumbers' with scallop sauce

#5: taiwanese style meat balls

#6: veggie burgers (tofu burgers)

#7: fig almond whole wheat oatmeal yogurt honey muffins
(this is actually a result of me trying to get rid of food in my cupboard and fridge... and it turned out super delicious!!)

#8: lunch box for picnic (rice balls:a)brown/white rice, b)plus black sesame, fried sliced potatos with parsley, mushroom fried with scallops, pepper/carrot/onion stir fry, fried egg roll, mini hamburgers)

please share your cooking wisdom!!! i am just a baby in this cooking world!

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