Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my first experience to


it was not in the real indoor Kabuki hall
but outdoor!!!
the effect was just AMAZING!!!

the Kabuki performance i went was played by
the top Kabuki actor (Kanzaburo NAKAMURA) and his 2 sons
i was fortunate to see the live performance of one of his famous acts 連獅子(renjishi)

before...i had absolutely no interest in kabuki
after... gosh!! i want to see more!! hehe!!
next goal: see kabuki in THE kabuki hall in Tokyo!

my jap granny went with me :)
why were we in raincoats? HAHA!!
it was about to rain...(thanks God it didn't)
but the raincoat saved our life
because it was so windy!! ><

but hope that next time when i go see kabuki
i can be in a beautiful kimono...hehe!

4 comments: said...

hey hiukei!
im going to hongkong for a few days to do some business,
just wondering if you know any good shopping spots? i like the place in times square that is similar style to 109 in shibuya-small shops. let me know!! going next thursday

Lucia said...

when are u going to dress up like a scary geisha and join the club?
or, we should do that when i come visit next and we'll hit Kyoto and do all sorts of crazy things while in dressed in our geisha costumes/white faces.

btw, ur friend melissa reminds me of a korean actress!

hiukei said...

hmm...good question...
my knowledge about HK is more less same as you...what kind of style do you like? i will ask my friend :)

haha!! NO!!! said...

hey hiu kei,
i like that place in causeway bay, across from Sogo; its lind of like Laforet in Harajuku. let me know if your friend knows any places like that! :)