Monday, September 7, 2009

i wanted and i got...

maybe i am too implusive

credit card is not a good thing to carry around with me...haha!!
or it is a good thing?

i refrain myself from browsing etsy...(what a dangerous tempting site!!)

but i made 2 shopping last week

1) black leather biker jacket (i am in love with it!!it's too hot to wear now though)
it's kinda and my cousin ak and yoshiko got the same jacket together!! haha!! the sales lady was smelling...A LOT...when the 3 of us lined up at the cashier..i think the 3 of us totally made her quota (for the week?!? HAHA)

2) my cousin is good at explaining how great RICOH camera works
i was thinking about it a month ago since my SONY is acting funny on me
with a little push from my cousin...i made the move

now this baby is sitting next to me! HAHAHA!!

i wanted and i got

and hmm...i think it's time to stop..

no more...

ps. i just read the def. of implusive on my friend's blog
implusive is acting without forethought...
so..i guess i am NOT implusive afterall..

hehe!! just trying to justify my purchase..


Lucia said...

lol. no, no, this was not an impulsive shopping decision.
just a very expensive one! :)
ha ha!

hiukei said...

well said...