Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ak and yoshiko

me and my cousin are having too much fun trying and posting at the shop
don't worry we didn't leave the jackets there...
we brought them home with us~
me and my cousin actually got the same hat too...
now we have matching hat and biker jacket~
we are charlie's angels!! (so as the sales person said....haha!!)

me and yoshiko with 'our boys'
thanks to my cousin for introducing me to yoshiko
we share the same obession with jdrama and...boys??
but she is definitely way ahead of me...hehehe!!

it was definitely rewarding for me to spend some quality time with my cousin and yoshiko
thanks for the wonderful crazy time together~
i miss you both~

4 comments: said...

the hat suits you! love it

hiukei said...

HAHA! thanks!

Lucia said...

ah!!! are they girls or boys??
i can't tell!!! :(
is emasculation the new trend in Japan?

hiukei said...

that'S 妻夫木聡、小栗旬,瑛太~
they don't resemble girls at all!!
well, me and my friend are girls though..hehe