Thursday, September 17, 2009


don't ask me why
but i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVE jumping for pictures
so much fun!!
sometimes it really challenges your patience and persistency
but the sense of satisfaction
having the photo RIGHT (where everyone is in the air at the same time)

here are just some...i have more...hehehe..yes..lots more~

me, B, Mi jumping on the field where Sakurai san(vocal of Mr. Children) just shot a goal..

my first conference with B
we were bored at night...hahaha!!

thanks B for jumping with me!!
i miss you!!

this was just taken by my cousin ak last week with my dear friend yoshiko sama~
hehe...i love it!

the jumps will continue...
btw, i couldn't help but went back to the bookstore yesterday after work
and finished my last 3 chapters of 'Interpretor of Maladies'
definitely a good read!!
then i started 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald
i think i have to go back to the bookstore again....SOON~
ahhhhhhh...why are English books so expensive in japan?!? ><


Lucia said...

mmm. the great gatsby is the great classic indeed....
another classic worth checking out: great expectation - i really liked it, and have to re-read this one.
btw, did u read the Time Traveler's Wife? the movie was mediocre, but the book was good.

hiukei said...

i will check both of them out~

bonnie said...

the great gatsby!! wow reminds me of my highschool english classes

im surprised to see some old pictures posted on this entry.. lol

hiukei said...

hehe~yea..definitely old pictures!

you read the great gatsby in high school? cool~

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