Friday, March 30, 2012

count down: Day Five

side by side
day five started right

i woke up
biked down to the bakery
got myself some nice fresly baked rolls and buns
filled my tummy
went back home
and then i just

cleaned. packed. moved. cleaned. packed. moved.

he always offers to help
and i always say "no, it's ok! i can do it"

my dad thinks i should learn to be more like a "GIRL"
aka not to be so tough and try to do EVERYTHING on your own

that's i think it's something i will never learn
should i learn? do i need to learn?
allowing boys to show their strength when needed
i totally agree with it
there is nothing new for me to learn

the thing is i rarely am in need
if i can handle it, why bother asking for help
if i can't handle it, first try, then try again, until i can handle it

but i know there are some truths in my dad's words
the art of allowing your other half to be invovled
the art of sharing
the art of team working as husband and wife
the art of carrying the yoke together as one
the art of being side by side

i will try my best to let him be invovled
i definitely can't carry the washing machine and fridge on my own

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