Tuesday, March 27, 2012

count down: Day Two

a sunny day
took the bike and headed down to town
i love riding on the bike
you are either too fast (vs. car) or too slow (vs. walking)
the speed is just right to savour the beam from the sun and the breeze in early spring

after figuring out more details about the marriage registration
i did a little shopping
a simple white dress
that i am planning to wear for a pre-wedding ceremony at our local church
this is my X times trying to look for a white dress
chicago, kanazawa, tokyo...countless internet search
nothing clicked

however, Day Two marks the day i found my simple white dress
i am happy the search is over
i have both my wedding dress for Guam
and my white dress for church
hanging in my room

i wish i can post pix of my wedding dress now
but hiro hasn't seen the dress yet
he wants to keep it as a surprise until the wedding day
so...pix of my dress will be posted after the wedding

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