Wednesday, March 28, 2012

count down: Day Three

happiness can be found anywhere and everywhere...(taken last year when taking an afternoon walk)
happiness was transmitted through the TV tonight
i got to witness and celebrate my friends' wedding on TV today
it was just absolutely fabulous!!

i mean, what are the odds of having your wedding being broadcasted on TV nation wide

long story short
it was a variety TV program doing surprises for ordinary ppl
my friend's friend sent a request to the program and my friends' wedding actually got picked!!!
the program is hosted by Shingo Katori...
it might mean nothing to you
but Shingo is like the top star in Japan

the surprises were wisely and beautifully done
they even had fireworks at the wedding!!!

above all
i am so happy for them
T kun and C san: "Happily Everafter"

Wedding, afterall,
is indeed something very special

i am getting more and more excited for my own!!!

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