Thursday, March 29, 2012

count down: Day Four

at this very moment
as i am updating my blog
i am extremely exhausted physically and mentally

a great day
warm sunny weather
took a few children and teenagers to Kyoto for a day trip

went into the huanted house for the 3rd time...and hopefully the last time in my life

the travelling? the walking? the screaming? the huanted house?
i defintiely had fun
but as i walked home from the bus station
i wanted to be left alone although i was alone
i wanted to talk although i didn't feel like talking
i wanted to hear someone's voice although i wasn't in the mood of listening

have you ever have the feeling that you are so exhausted and tired that
you want to be left alone but you want to be hugged at the very same time?

i am now at that very time
i know it's just a burst of mix of emotions that will end in a blink
but i hate it
i hate to pity myself
i hate to feel vulnerable

bed, is where i should go to now
my one and only remedy
i know everything will be new again in the morning

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