Monday, March 26, 2012

count down: Day One

it's in 30 days


i am suprised that both me and hiro are quite chilled
people around us kept asking if we are busy planning and preparing
to be honest
either of us are
Our minds are occupied by other things
His: the possibility of getting transfered to another department (which he doesn't want)
Mine: moving, documents and forms to be filled, thesis

but we are definitely excited

30 days seem to be long
but i know it will flash by like a thunder
gotta taste and enjoy every single second and moment from now until my wedding day
(my last 30 days of being single!!)

Day one:
packing, cleaning, moved my stuff to his parents' house
chatted with his mom and grandma over coffee and sweets
went to the city hall to ask for details about wedding registration (much more complicated than i thought)
prepared forms for school and grands
went to the gym

day one is just another usual day
but my heart is secretly counting and leaping in joy
just like the one year old me waiting to blow that birthday candle on the cake


Beth said...

When do I get to see photos of you and the lucky man!?!?

hiukei said...

Hey Beth, we didn't take any engagement or pre wedding photos... Will def post pix on after the wedding.
How are you doing? Miss you lots